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03 March 2014
Hey all, any of you still reading this.  Those who are are lucky ducks indeed, because you get to be introduced to Chrontendo!

Chrontendo is a series of videos, mostly hosted on the Internet Archive but also on YouTube, and there's a blog too.  In it a guy going by "Dr. Sparkle" plays and records video of EVERY NES and Famicom game ever made, the great ones and the bad ones.  And some, like "Super Monkey Daibouken," are amazingly bad.  Highly recommended.  Here's the new episode, #47.  Going back some ways, here is the first.  They are wonderful and amazing and terrific and superb and great and awesome and more than awesome.  You should watch them.  They're a treasure trove of forgotten classics and (more interesting) anti-classics.  He also has series on the Sega Master System, Genesis/MegaDrive and TurboGrafx/PC Engine.

Well, that's my find for the day.  I don't think you will be disappointed.
--John Harris at 01:51
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