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28 July 2010
A new challenger

While running an errand today I noticed a new video game store along the way. I stopped in and there was a fairly modest selection of games from the PS1 era up through the current generation. The place had a scent of new paint, so I asked the proprietor how long he'd been around. Answer: Two months.

I mentioned that I enjoyed finding and browsing independent shops and he offered his motivations for opening his own store. "GameStop bought a used game from my son for $14 and then sold it for $47. That's just wrong."

Amusing, and I didn't even bother to point out that one could see that story and come to the same conclusion (i.e. open your own store) for perfectly rational capitalistic reasons.

He did mention that he had come across some Atari 2600 games and would bring them to the store, so I'll stop by again in a week or two and see what he's got.

--Matt Matthews at 14:24
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