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17 June 2010
Test Post

Yo. Is this thing on?

Answer: Yes.

More answer: Yes, images are broken. I'll get to that eventually.

Hrm, makes you wish you could s/[each img src tag]/[valid new src tags]/g somehow. What's the plan there?
--Matt Matthews at 23:24
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Comments work, perhaps?

By Blogger jvm, at 18 June, 2010 01:23  

I guess they do!

By Blogger JohnH, at 18 June, 2010 01:35  

I agree completely.

By Blogger Josh, at 18 June, 2010 10:18  

Wow. I haven't seen a post from this blog light up my RSS feed in quite some time. Are you back?

By Blogger Daniel, at 18 June, 2010 17:42  

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