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25 June 2010
Activision tries to stand out
I was passing through a GameStop earlier today and there was a fairly large shipping box at the front of the store, clearly labeled as "From: Activision". I asked the clerk about it, and was told that Activision was going to have its own metal stand in the store, just for Activision games.

That's expensive, you can be sure. Especially if it's being done across the hundreds of GameStop stores in the U.S.

But, I can kind of understand it. I consider myself a fairly savvy game shopper, but even I was bewildered by the huge wall of games available in GameStop. If there were an attractive kiosk with Activision games somewhere in the store, I might be more likely to see those few games than I would many others on the big wall.

It will be interesting to see how it works out.

Someone else in the store -- I don't think it was an employee -- made the comment that Activision was "worse than EA" even when EA was at its peak. Frankly, I have little interest in either company's games, but I think it's amusing that this opinion (which I've seen tossed around on NeoGAF, where I hang out) has become mainstream enough to get mentioned in videogame store chatter.
--Matt Matthews at 17:37
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As Geeky Peek says, it's all about channel, stupid.

By Blogger ruffin, at 25 June, 2010 23:09  

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