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05 March 2009
Reminds me of Tempest 2000
I'm not really sure what the heck this is, but I liked it.
--Matt Matthews at 20:35
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That is a sharpest critique of modern western industrial society if I ever saw.

By Blogger Lincoln, at 16 March, 2009 10:30  

BTW: Have you tried Red Baron Arcade?

I actully like these sorts of games on PSN because they are just enough game at a decent price. Games like this one and maybe 'GTi Club +' fill a need for small games that go beyond the usual puzzle fair we see all too often.

By Blogger Lincoln, at 16 March, 2009 10:35  

After Noby Noby Boy (PS3, garbage) and No Gravity (PSP, also garbage), I'm a bit burned on "cheap" games. Those are not worth my time, nor money.

However, you are the first I've heard recommend Red Baron. I was of the impression that it, too, was pretty much garbage.

GTi Club + on the other hand has come recommended by several people, and I admit I have not tried it. I should spend more money on recommended games, it seems.

I also hear good things about Savage Moon.

By Blogger jvm, at 16 March, 2009 10:38  

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