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31 March 2009
Another week, another typo
Sony really needs someone watching what they type. This week it's Samurai Shodown Anthology. Yes, that's right "Shodown". No, I don't know why, but that's how it's spelled.

Unless you're the Sony PlayStation page showing the game:
I know it's a weird name and all, but come on!

Now we'll see if it takes a few hours and Sony magically fixes this. (As happened last time.)

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--Matt Matthews at 16:45
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Maybe it's a play on 'Shogun'?

By Blogger blogitup, at 04 April, 2009 16:31  

its always been that way....thats how its spelt in this game.

By Blogger Jaime9526, at 17 July, 2009 11:31  

As I recall, the arcade version also spelled it this way.

By Blogger cubicmeconium, at 25 April, 2010 19:42  

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