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27 January 2009
Guess I'm not the only one...
For a long time when I'd see the game title "Nobunaga's Ambition", I'd read it in my head as "Nobunga's Ambition". Eventually I took the time to read the title more carefully.

Someone at Sony has similar reading comprehension problems:'s fixed! WITNESS THE POWER OF CURMUDGEON GAMER.

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--Matt Matthews at 09:04
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By Blogger muad'dib, at 28 January, 2009 11:44  

I can't read the title without thinking to myself (and sometimes out loud) "Nobunga nobunga NOBUNGA NOBUNGA!"

No-a-bunga, dudes!

By Blogger JohnH, at 05 March, 2009 05:04  

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