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03 December 2008
More Words You Are Not Allowed To Use In Your Game
Continued from previously. Again, include all cognates. Again, exceptions as listed.

Infect (if you're referring to bacteria then you get a pass, otherwise....)

Assimilate (in all Borg-ish contexts, so Grand Theft Auto IV is allowed to use this, but you are not)

World (the only exception here is World of Goo)

Light (especially when prefixed by the word "of")

Demonic (Unless you've read all, and I mean every freaking word, of the Divine Comedy. If you're gonna throw this around, you'd better know what it means.)

Angelic (We are equal opportunity snarkers.)

Chosen (Especially if it's unclear who's supposed to be doing the choosing. Pervasive, subtle personification of God/destiny/fate is a disease, and I'm the cure.)

Ninja (Exceptions granted if your ninjas are obviously from the Japanese culture. Of Earth, not Generic Fantasyland.)

Portal (Unless your game is named it.)

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--John Harris at 01:34
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