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08 November 2008
Learning to like EA
I have had very little use for Electronic Arts games for a long time. When I was a kid, I had lots of their album-style games for my Commodore 64, but since then it's really not been the same.

Which is why it's been odd that I've purchased two EA games this holiday. Dead Space, a survival horror game in space, I'll be reviewing soon with Josh from Cathode Tan. The other, Mirror's Edge, comes out this coming week, and I'll be picking it up the first day it's available.

The demo of Mirror's Edge was a lot like my experience with Uncharted. At first, I fought the controls and simply could not find a groove. Then I replayed it a day later, and it just clicked. Then I pre-ordered and got a code that unlocks the time trial mode in the demo, and had a blast with that. As with Uncharted, the final game can't get here soon enough.

I think it's fair to say that I had a modest expectations of EA's lineup when I was researching the top 20 publishers piece I did over the summer. Having had a bit of a look at the final products, I think I underestimated the quality even just a month ago. I'm interested to see if that will translate into money for EA, and whether they will continue their stated focus on new properties in the face of losses, a tight market, and strong competitors.


--Matt Matthews at 14:54
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