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07 September 2008
Review: Prof. Layton and the Curious Village (NDS)
Professor Layton and his ward, Luke, set out to find The Golden Apple, a treasure hidden in the village of St. Mystere. Each resident of the town plies the famous professor for solutions to various brain teasers, many of which make good use of the stylus for sketching out solutions as well as actual puzzle piece manipulation. As the story progresses, multiple mysteries arise, are solved, and ultimately conclude with a teaser for a sequel that leaves you hoping it arrives sooner rather than later.

The charming animation, voicework, and soundtrack will leave you convinced that the Nintendo DS is a system whose best days are still ahead. The meat of the game, the puzzles, are almost perfect with only a few questionable word choices along the way. Regardless, the game provides hints to get you out of a pinch.

I got Layton for the puzzles, but realized I had seen many of them before. (Such was my upbringing with puzzle books and Games magazine.) Regardless, the story and mystery were more than entertaining enough and I eagerly await news of Layton's return.

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--Matt Matthews at 15:46
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I hope they bring the sequel over soon, it's a trilogy in Japan I believe.

There were only a few puzzles I really detested--the girlfriend chocolate one for example.

I never did complete their rooms, I need to go back and do that...

By Blogger Michael, at 08 September, 2008 16:10  

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