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07 August 2008
Madden Curse Strikes Again
It's once again a bad thing (John Clayton at ESPN) to be on the cover of Madden:

What is the price to be paid for waffling on retirement? Former Packers quarterback Brett Favre learned the consequences Wednesday night when he was traded to the New York Jets -- his least preferred destination.

Favre took on Packers management and lost. Now, he must try to rediscover the itch to play football in the AFC.

Ah, and again we see the workings of the Madden Curse. The only thing worse would be an ACL while playing for the Jets, or to somehow get beaten out by Kellen Clemens for the starting job.

(Aside: The commercial where Maurice Jones-Drew says to take Favre off the cover and slap him on is hilarious. Good job, EA.)
--ruffin at 08:37
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LOL, I know. I actually suggested a movie idea to my husband last night where two football fans and gamers decide to change history by going back in time and changing the cover of Madden. He liked the idea, but he didn't think it had legs.

What's funny is that players keep agreeing to be the cover despite the evidence there's a curse. Even the Hope Diamond stopped getting passed around once people caught on. *shrugs* And I thought ball players were a suspicious lot. Maybe that's just baseball.

By Blogger LisaB, at 07 August, 2008 10:23  

Well, the really funny/tragic part this year is that they thought they'd finally found the sure-fire way to avoid the curse -- target a well-known commodity/player that recently retired.

Oh well. ("Hey now, hey now, my Brett Favre's back.BOOM!")

Maybe if I could get *my* mug on the cover, I could bag an NFL contract...

By Blogger ruffin, at 07 August, 2008 14:11  

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