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12 June 2008
Tempus Fugit
As I was picking up my Metal Gear Solid 4 today at GameStop, I hit the next-door Best Buy which has a great clearance bin that gets refilled with games about every two weeks. I found $5 copies of Hot Shots Tennis (PS2), Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror (PS2), and Sega Rally Revo (PSP) and headed up to the counter to pay. As I'm swiping my card, I notice that my hand is right next to a new, boxed, silver-finish GameCube.

On the front of the GameCube box is a hand-made price tag. It says:
Not even seven years old yet...

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--Matt Matthews at 13:00
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Wow, and look ist was only over priced by $49.98.

By Blogger MonkeyKing1969, at 12 June, 2008 17:43  

Maybe a blue or black one is 'vintage,' but silver? Does it even have the digital-out on the back?

By Blogger J, at 15 June, 2008 14:34  

I have a silver, and yes, it does have the digital out.

By Blogger Braden, at 19 June, 2008 08:20  

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