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13 May 2008
Videogames -- still not evil
Just a little link to direct your panicked parent friends to: in what must be a surprise to everyone, a big 'spensive study found no evidence that violent video games make kids violent. Who'da thunk it?

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--Bob Wieman at 09:51
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I'm a gamer mom. I've never felt that violent videogames make kids any more violent than anything else, but I still draw the line at sex and people on people violence.
So no GTA for my kids. I realize I'm the lone hold out, (as my kids assure me) but there's plenty of other rated M games they get to play that don't reward the PC for stealing or killing people a la GTA.

By Blogger LisaB, at 13 May, 2008 21:47  

Yeah, study or no, I still remember playing too much GTA, then walking around town wanting to get somewhere pretty quickly. First thought in my mind? It wasn't fully formed, but somewhere, part of my mind suggested, "Just jack a car." The thought clearly was, "Why not virtually jack a real car", and the disconnect quickly moved it from a potential means of getting downtown to a humourous paradox. For others? For the 1%ers? I don't know.

Course I imagine reading Patricia Cornwell could be just as damaging.

By Blogger ruffin, at 13 May, 2008 22:31  

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