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22 May 2008
Joystiq finds the Composite Curmudgeon
Nega-review: Grand Theft Auto IV - Joystiq:

'GTA IV has its flaws as a game.' (1) 'The flow of the game basically goes like this: you watch a cutscene, someone in the cutscene says that someone has done them wrong, you're told they need to be taught a lesson, and then you get in a car and go teach them the lesson. At that point another cinema is triggered and the process repeats. ... it can definitely become a little repetitive.' (2)

And thus begins my first experience with a Nega-review, where Kyle Orland puts together a composite of all of the negative-esque points and quotes from reviews for a game at major gaming sites for you to read in a single sitting. It's an incredibly enjoyable and informative piece even though, as he says later, "it was actually relatively hard to pull negative quotes from most of the reviews of GTA IV."

If you haven't stumbled over it before I did, head over and take a quick read.

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