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11 March 2008
Patapon is an exquisite little offering that can be snapped up for as little as twelve pounds fifty. It would be a crime not to.

The PSP always gets a rough time of things, mainly because it isn't quite the license to print money that the DS is. But how many great games have come out on the DS lately? Think about it. Not that many. I can only think of Apollo Justice and the new Advance Wars, and whilst I love the both of them they're basically sequels. Patapon feels like a fresh, vibrant excursion in a land of opportunity and bleeds a kind of effervescent vivacity all over the large, dead pixel prone screen of my chunky, fat PSP. This joy is contagious, and soon works its way into my eyes and brain, eroding away my cynicism and rendering my joyless nature inert and redundant. When Patapon is spinning happily away in the UMD drive, the PSP becomes the drab young girl in glasses who gets a makeover by the captain of the football team and everybody wants to sleep with by the end of the movie. It's like falling in love with your high school sweetheart, and then finding out she's also a millionaire.

It's got everything a crusty old relic (read: me) needs to enjoy a game. An intuitive and non-standard control system, flash art direction, army building and rhythm based gameplay. Also, it's practically doomed to an existence of never being truly appreciated in its time and becoming a cult classic. Those are the very best kind of games, because the few of us that play them can sit around and reflect on just how better we are than your average muppet.

Downsides? It's quite short and farming rare items can be pretty bothersome. Although, if you're one of the gazillions of WoW players, you'd think I was needlessly complaining.

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--Martin at 07:32
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