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26 March 2008
Down the memory hole
So there are reportedly leaked maps of GTA4's Liberty City. Neat.

I guess it should have been obvious to me, but I'd just assumed they'd build detail into the "existing" Liberty City that we all knew from GTA3 and GTA:LCS. So much for all that.

I know Liberty City about as well as any fictional world I've played, and I am a little disappointed that I won't have that leg-up when GTA4 hits next month. It would have been neat to have some of that memory helping me get out of tight spots on the run...

I'm guessing that this is essentially what happened to Liberty City from the original GTA when GTA3 came out...

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--Matt Matthews at 16:25
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Ah man, it's been taken down already. Spread the warez! ;^)

By Blogger ruffin, at 26 March, 2008 21:50  

Literally down the memory hole. Stop by my place in a month, and we'll check out the real thing... :^D

By Blogger jvm, at 26 March, 2008 22:17  

I'm sort of gald they reconsidered the city plan. What they put out all those years ago was a first pass or rough draft. i'd hate for them to be constrained by what and where buildings were on a PS2 game. If they copied the streets more you would have expected that same locations and people to still be in the same areas.

By Blogger MonkeyKing1969, at 27 March, 2008 12:05  

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