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11 January 2008
Mario Artwork
My eldest son has been on a Mario 64 kick for a week or so. I'm no fan of the game, but it has been an obsession for him. In particular, his imagination has driven him to draw and color many Mario, Peach, and Bowser pictures at school and at home. Here is my favorite, a portrait of Mario that he brought home today.

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--Matt Matthews at 20:37
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I don't like Mario, but what your kids drew...I'd play that! That is awesome.

My story, it is gaming’ll see.

My sister and her family arrived at my parent’s house on Friday night Dec 21 at 11:00 PM. My sister and brother-in-law were dragging because they were so tired. Getting ready for an early celebration of Christmas and working had drained them, and then they drove for 3 hrs and 30 minutes after work to arrive on Cape Cod.

The kids had been left to their own devices as the car was being packed, so my sister only noticed her 4 year old son had OK OK OK, OK OK written all over his face in permanent marker as he was getting into his car seat. My sister was mildly amused, mildly concerned, and mildly confused at why he has “Oks” all over his face. During the trip my sister got her daughter to fess up that she had written with permanent marker on his face. She didn’t know what permanent markers were, and she said "He asked me to draw OK on his face." My sister during the few rest stops has scrubbed a bit of the marker off, but you could clearly see his cheeks, nose, and forehead were coved with OK in red, green, and yellow two inches tall.

The whole family found the whole thing amusing and none of us could figure out why he he asked OK to be written on his face. Was he feeling “Okay”? Did he want to say, “Okay” to people he saw? Had he been sniffing the pens before he asked? Nobody could figure it out, and honestly we didn’t dwell on the logic of a four year old. We just had a nice Christmas.

On Sunday might we finally connect the dots about what was on his mind. As he was playing Wii Sports Boxing he would pump his little fists punching. He’s not great at the game because he punches too fast and too low, but he finally got a knock out and screamed “Look I OK’d him! Mom,I OKed that guy!” Then it all 'clicked' into place when he saw KO during the Wii boxing he would say “OK” because that was something he knew and likley is dyslexic. He asked his sister to write OK on his face because he liked Wii Sports Boxing.

By Blogger MonkeyKing1969, at 11 January, 2008 21:54  

Just for what it's worth, getting KO and OK confused isn't necessarily a sign of dyslexia. Having recently seen a host of kindergartener writing, getting a few letters transposed seems to be teh ruel rather than teh exception.

Humorous story. Makes me want a Wii... for the kids, natch.

By Blogger ruffin, at 12 January, 2008 07:50  

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