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30 January 2008
Left Behind
Sony's just put out their firmware version 3.90 for the PSP and it's got Skype connectivity.

Actually, that's not precise enough -- they've put out v.3.90 for the PSP-2000 model, aka new hotness. For those of us with the original PSP, aka old and busted, it could be the end of the road for firmware updates.

I don't know if Sony's announced this yet, but I bet that when PSN access finally comes to the PSP, it'll be for the new model only. Ah well. Maybe I should look into firmware modding again...

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--Matt Matthews at 08:57
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Not so sure we will be left behind, but you never know. At this point I can't say I would care if we did see the last update as long as nothing else of substance shows up in the updates. And, no, I don't really see Skype as something I would miss not having and that might be the last major function update we will ever see.

If I were to ask for three more things out of Sony for my Fat-PSP it would be:
1) A better web browser
2) An update to all the Sony websites to allow PSP to view them with more fidelity, but especially a major update to the PSP website.
3) More free content on the PSP website I can download directly.

The one function I use the most on my PSP is the RSS Audio & Video downloading. I use the daily, where as gaming I might do once a week. As long as my Fat-PSP keeps up with RSS software I’ll be satisfied.

By Blogger MonkeyKing1969, at 31 January, 2008 11:46  

Tsk tsk, be honest, you're going to blow your next honorarium on a PSP-2000, and you know it.

By Blogger Michael, at 01 February, 2008 23:03  

For what it's worth the official reason for the older model's lack of Skype was the lack of memory (the PSP-2000 has twice the RAM). It seems reasonable to me.

I would expect to see other individual features like this in the future but I doubt we'll see any complete orphaning of the original model.

By Blogger Jim, at 06 February, 2008 12:58  

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