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07 December 2007
PlayStation 3 Memory Cards
Everyone knows the PS1 and the PS2 used memory cards, but did you know the PS3 has memory cards too? Target thinks so:Technically, they're right. It is a card with memory on it. You can use it with the PlayStation 3, although I'm not sure the cheaper 40GB model has a port for one. But in the sense that the term "memory card" has been used with previous PlayStation consoles, it's a bit of a misnomer.

Still, more power to them if they can get people to buy them, especially at this price. The one I'm looking at has twice the capacity for this same price. And I'm buying it for my PSP, not my PS3.

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--Matt Matthews at 10:12
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Well I suppose you could say the ad is almost right, if you turn you head and squint

The thinking is SanDisk has a line of Memory Stick products for things like camera, PDAs, etc. But all their memory products for "gaming" are clad in those bright colors. They also have just started putting the gaming products in white as well to match DS and PSP better. The MemStick Pro DUO cards you see in the game aisle sometimes have DLC on them for games like Madden or some have video content on them. If you picked up the same product in the camera aisle it would just be a dank grey stick with nothing on it.

So while it is weird to say a product that actually can be used in a few dozen types of products in just for one product is odd the reality is if there ever was a PS3 Memory Card it would be that.

But, I'm guessing yoru know all this and you're just trying to stress the irony.

By Blogger MonkeyKing1969, at 07 December, 2007 14:55  

Just and aside, I just saw this product: SanDisk Gaming RapidGX 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo™

Price: $99.99

RapidGX™ is a high performance MS PRO Duo gaming card and it is preloaded with a full version of the RapidGX™ Media Software, a PSP™ Management software that allows you to organize your PSP™ files, transfer to and from the PSP™, and most of all, it converts your video files automatically to the PSP™ format.


By Blogger MonkeyKing1969, at 07 December, 2007 14:58  

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