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03 December 2007
GameTap losing games
So GameTap is losing games. Their deals with the licensors are ending. We don't know why they're not continuing.

As the second poster in the GameTap forum thread said:
I was under the impression once a game was on gametap it was there forever.
Ha. There really is one born every minute...

This is not a good sign for GameTap. The worst case is that they continue to hemorrhage games and run dry. If GameTap fails -- the biggest and best-financed online distributor of old and/or emulated games literally goes down the tubes -- then what conclusions do we draw? And where do people who want older games go?

When Loki Games died many people drew the conclusion that there wasn't a sustainable market for games on GNU/Linux. However a big part of Loki's death was mismanagement, like buying 20,000 Quake 3 tin boxes, which thrifty GNU/Linux users didn't want to buy. (For the record, I did buy one. Preordered even.)

So what would it be for GameTap? Failure of business model or poor management? Both? Something else entirely?

As for where we go from here, I hope it's back to compilation discs or untethered downloads (a la StarROMs).

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--Matt Matthews at 08:57
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Well, as a GameTap subscriber this will bother me, but only if a larger percentage of games go. On this particular list the only games that I had enjoyed were the old Ultima games, 1-6. And I have all of those on a compilation disk anyways. GameTap just let me play them without having to figure out the settings for DosBox.

I bought a GameTap sub for the Sam and Max adventures anyways, all these other games were just gravy.

By Blogger Skip, at 03 December, 2007 11:46  

Check the list of games. Mostly educational, Ultima-esque, Descents, and Wing Commander series. Many of the non-educational games already have other free outlets. I wonder what EA hoped to get with these relatively worthless games, in one manner of viewing, and to what ends it's decided those ends are no longer/were never being met.

What were the terms of the license with GameTap? Did EA pay GameTap for space? Then this move makes sense and has no sig bearing, imo, on GameTap in the future; I wouldn't expect the games to have a huge market. If EA, etc, think they can make more money with 'em elsewhere, that is strange.

Free Willy, etc.

By Blogger rufbo, at 03 December, 2007 12:24  

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