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05 December 2007
Croal nails it
You have to read N'Gai Croal's take on the enthusiast press and the CNet/GameSpot/Eidos/Gerstmann episode. For background and ongoing coverage, Kyle is tearing it up at Joystiq. Here's Tuesday's update as a starting point.

Added: Comparison of the original and edited text review of Kane & Lynch.

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--Matt Matthews at 09:14
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I usually find Croal's writing devoid of interest but this is a very well written and topical piece, thanks for the link.

NYT piece that mentions the incident he discusses at the end:

By Blogger Michael, at 05 December, 2007 17:12  

Lets face it it even worse then Croal put forward.

Jeff changed his own copy, GS editorial staff members pulled down a video review instead of just replacing it, so exactly what sort of hero is Jeff or his buddies?

The editorial staffs of websites & magazines have proven they have been complicit with what has been going on and that's a fact. So Let's stop pretending that the enthusiast press doesn't know how & why it is being controlled in small ways and big ways. Lets stop pretending they don't know the livelihood of their corporate parents is not their own livelihood.

By Blogger MonkeyKing1969, at 05 December, 2007 18:26  

It is a good article.

I think that the situation is neither as horrenduous as some people say, nor as innocent as GameSpot claims.

I think perhaps that gamers themselves also share some of the blame for this incident, by not clearly indicating to publishers with their wallet that game quality is paramount.

By Blogger phanboy_iv, at 06 December, 2007 10:13  

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