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14 November 2007
Wii outsurfs iPhone
Not that it's particularly earth-shattering, or possibly even that surprising, but the Wii is apparently beating the pants off of the iPhone for number o' surfs (no, no "m") on the net. This according to, if you believe all you read.

Nintendo Wii 0.11%
Unknown 0.10%
iPhone 0.07%
Windows CE 0.06%
Series60 0.03%
Report generated Wednesday, November 14, 2007 10:16:42 PM

Interesting to note that both are beating Windows CE. Get those Dreamcasts back online, dang it!
--ruffin at 19:53
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Comments on this post:

At first I thought that said "outsmurfs". Whew.

By Blogger jvm, at 14 November, 2007 20:00  

Yeah, I thought the same when I was typing; thus the warning. Must be a generational thing.

I wonder how many more Wiis there are in the world than iPhones... or why iPhone users, who have to sign up for a 'net account, don't go online. Or why Wii users have stopped using their computers to surf. etc.

By Blogger rufbo, at 14 November, 2007 20:07  

Or why Wii users have stopped using their computers to surf. etc.

When I use my own Wii to go online, it's alwaysd for one because of one of three reasons: I want to view a page that for some reason I want to see on a TV (like showing Flash video to friends), I want to play a game that would benefit from the controller (again usually Flash), or for some reason my laptop just isn't handy at that moment.

I suspect most other owners use it for similar purposes, but there's a couple more possibilities. A Wii with Opera can be used as a kind of quasi-laptop if a TV's available, for even with cables and controllers it's easier to move around, and some Wii users may actually not own a computer. Unthinkable, I know....

By Blogger JohnH, at 14 November, 2007 20:28  

What no PSP on that list? I think they didn't even count that or put it on their servey list. Thus I think they skewed the results and thus we skewed view of real habits. I personally use my PSP to surf the web four times a week.

By Blogger MonkeyKing1969, at 15 November, 2007 18:25  

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