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03 November 2007
Awesome: Game Boy Micro
I picked up a Game Boy Micro this week. Amazing piece of hardware. I know it doesn't play Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, but if I really need those I can try a GB-on-GBA emulator and my flash cartridge. As it is, the GBA library is plenty rich to justify this hardware as-is.

My only serious complaint is that it doesn't share the same power socket as the Nintendo DS, so the USB charging cable that Ruffin bought me (for the NDS) doesn't work. I'll live.

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--Matt Matthews at 21:40
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I bought one for my son the Xmas after they came out. It's a very nice design, but for my middle-aged eyes, the screen is brutal.

The kids liked the GBA movies carts, too, which I guess didn't do well enough to warrant a DS version.

By Blogger guttertalk, at 03 November, 2007 22:57  

When the "Toys R Us" near us went out of business a couple of years ago they sold off stock at 33% off so I got one for both my wife and I for ony $65 (and a couple of SPs for the kids at only $40 each).

It's a great little unit with tons of great games and SNES translations (like most of the classic Final Fantasy series, Fire Emblem and many others).

The screen is small (the entire unit is smaller than the PSP screen) but not too small (even for RPGs). When I was commuting via public transport it was perfect. Although I'm currently enamoured with several PSP games the Micro is the only system I carry everywhere.

It's so small and light you barely notice it.

By Blogger Jim, at 04 November, 2007 01:42  

There are some obvious guesses, but why is it that much better than your gba with Afterburner [that'll play nearly anything you throw at it]?

Did you get the NES version? That would be a pretty neat haul, I think, though I'm not sure why I do. ;)

By Blogger rufbo, at 04 November, 2007 08:40  

rufbo: Brighter, clearer screen. Rechargeable. And, perhaps most importantly size: smaller than my cell phone.

I haven't played any GB/GBC game in probably 3-4 months. I play GBA games practically every week, at least for a few minutes.

I got one with three faceplates: solid black and two others I really only glanced at. The Famicom ones were still $10 more with no extra faceplates, last time I saw one.

By Blogger jvm, at 04 November, 2007 13:41  

I'd forgotten about the rechargeable internal (?) battery. Guess in my current tax bracket, I'd still just slap my gba in my pocket, as the size doesn't bother me so much and the AAs do well. That said, I haven't seen the screen in a while; that could be a nice improvement, I suppose.

What new gba games are on the slate? Or what old ones are looking better?

(gutter: Yep, we're still getting mileage out of Spongebob and Shrek 2 on gba ourselves, even with the new portable DVD player!)

By Blogger rufbo, at 04 November, 2007 21:34  

I picked up Spyro: Eternal Night for the GBA. It plays like a 2D God of War with cartoon characters and no blood. Mindless platform brawling, which works fine in small doses. Apparently the other versions (NDS, etc.) aren't the same game and aren't nearly as good.

I still want to pick up that TMNT GBA game. Apparently it too was fun while the other platforms got crap.

GBA games I'd still like to try out: Alien Hominid (import), Atari Anthology, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, Elevator Action Old & New (import), SSX Tricky...

By Blogger jvm, at 04 November, 2007 21:46  

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