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29 October 2007
We need videogame history yesterday
I'm too tired to go through it in detail right now, but the headline on this piece convinces me that most people writing about videogame companies haven't spent enough time reading their history.

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--Matt Matthews at 21:28
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Even if Electronic Arts 2.0 is out I'm still waiting for the 2.1 patch that fixes the SPAM.

[I'm not even sure that what I said is even funny. I think EA takes a lot of heat for doing a decent job on most games ist actully makes. In a world where I think the overall quality of games is gaining ground maybe they take fewer chances then we woudl like, but are they really making bad games or just playing it too safe. I think a lot of older gamers have 'rose tinted' glasses about the quality of past games, and new gamers are accustomed to technically competent game that as gamers we don’t really know what a dreadful game is like to buy or play.

One interesting outcome of the Virtual Console from Nintendo is a lot of trash is washing up on the service. This seems to be facilitating people’s recovery from the dreadful psychosis that the 8-bit and 16-bit generations were full of good games.

By Blogger MonkeyKing1969, at 30 October, 2007 14:41  

The 2.0 deal is just to play up/resonate with the waaay too popular phrase, "Web 2.0", which to me so far simply seems to be commercializing everything about the net that used to be f/Free. It's snappy to say "2.0" if you're creating something digital and want to make more money. I'd go as far as to argue that it's more appropo (sp?) with EA than the Net -- does a more thoroughly commercialized net represent a natural outgrowth of what we had up until the 'net bubble? Gosh, I hope not. With EA, 1.0 was also all about making money. So was what I (and I assume Matt) would call EA 2.0. And 3.0. What, we're on about 5.0 now, right? Unf. EA 5.0 loses some cache.

(Fwiw, I think the battle over the loss of "net neutrality" best represents the fight for what "web 2.0", an arbitrary signpost if there ever was one afaict, will look like.)

I think there is a bit of relatively serious academic history making in the works. I suppose we should be happy it didn't languish any longer than it has. I'd hoped to write something about the 2600, but Bogost and Montfort have beaten me to the drafting board (Google 'em w/ 2600 and you'll see what I mean).

"sales of Madden 2008 were down 48% on the previous year's version, with 619,000 copies sold"

Now that's no surprise. I meant to blog my yearly Madden impression, but figured I'd just become jaded personally. Didn't realize I was (a surprise for cg) a representative gamer this year. The game stinks. There's absolutely nothing new worth playing aside from updated rosters on WinPC. I even swapped from my normal franchise mode infatuation to play some "create a legend" or whatever, and that stinks too. The game's just not fun any more.

This is, imo, not the fault of going the "EA 1.0 franchise heavy" route, but the result of releasing the same danged game as last year. This gaming house purchase spree seems the lazy wo/man's solution to a problem created by the selfsame lazy wo/men.

By Blogger rufbo, at 30 October, 2007 18:22  

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