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28 October 2007
Sony rushed the October price drop
Last week I wrote in my NPD article:
Anecdotally, the October price drop for the 80Gb model appears to have been less well planned than its June introduction, as fliers the week after the announced drop to $500 still reflected the higher $600 price.
I thought I might possibly be reading too much into the mistake, but now I think I had it right. In my local Circuit City Sunday advert:

That's right -- it still shows the 80Gb PS3 at $600. If you check online or in the store, the price is actually $500.

Leaks from printed fliers were the source for rumors of the summer price drops by both Sony and Microsoft. Now we're seeing the reverse: Sony dropped its price unexpectedly and it's taking the fliers a couple of weeks to adjust.

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--Matt Matthews at 09:16
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