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26 October 2007
Seven years ago today
I stood in line at a Best Buy at 5:00AM on 26 October 2000 and hoped I'd get an opportunity to buy a PlayStation 2. My friend Todd and I chatted with the people in line with us -- teenagers, college kids, parents picking up a special Christmas present. It was a lot of fun.

The store was due to open at 10:00AM and sometime between 8:00AM and 9:00AM the manager came out and gave out numbered tickets to the people in line. I got Ticket #55, if I recall correctly. Todd and I went to the McDonald's across the street with a few of our new acquaintances and had a nice warm breakfast. The chilly morning air had made us hungry and we stayed to talk until it was time to get back in line again.

Back at the store, the staff had set up stations to handle sales. Todd and I took our tickets to the station designated for our range of ticket numbers. Along with a PlayStation 2 I bought a copy of Ridge Racer V and a remote control kit that came with a copy of The Matrix, my first DVD.

While we all waited for our turn to check out, a guy started yelling and got escorted from the store by several Best Buy employees. I asked one of the employees later what had happened and was told that the guy had showed up with a Ticket #1. The problem was that they didn't give out a Ticket #1 -- they started the numbering with #2. He'd apparently made a facsimile of someone else's ticket and decided he might as well make himself #1 while he was at it.

I didn't get to play anything until that evening because I had to head to work. Ridge Racer V was neat, but ugly. Nowadays it's just ugly. Luckily, some friends gave me Driver soon after that and eventually I got my first good PS2 game, SSX. Still, that was a fun day, and not one I'll soon forget.

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--Matt Matthews at 09:44
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I remember standing in line at the mall the morning of the PS2 launch. I had a preorder ticket though.

It was SSX and Sky Odyssey for me, both of which I enjoyed.

By Blogger Bruce, at 26 October, 2007 13:49  

6+ years later, I still have my working PS2 and my copy of SSX. Possibly the best console I've ever owned.

By Blogger Dan, at 28 October, 2007 01:51  

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