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30 October 2007
Peer pressure
This weekend I almost bought Guitar Hero III for the PS3. It was a really odd experience -- I felt like I should give the game a shot, after never really giving the first two games a chance. And it seemed like the best time to get the game would be now. After all, the Guitar Hero games never actually drop in price.

A friend, Joe, explained to me that Guitar Hero is an event game, that it's natural to want to be able to talk about the latest game while everyone is playing. I think that's right. This is certainly the first time in a long time that I've felt really pressured to get a game.

Anyway, I might still pick it up after another paycheck or two. In any event, I do need to keep my focus on paying the bills and finding nice things for my family for Christmas, so best to stay more rather than less frugal.

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--Matt Matthews at 23:08
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GHII was a game I wasn't going to get myself but let people know I'd like it as a gift. Something about paying extra for the big plastic guitar.

I really like the game - and we've pulled it out for a few game nights because it has that kind of karaoke feel to it - someone can kinda rock out while others chat.

One complaint I have is that the difficulty level from medium to hard is nightmarish. I just don't have enough time to practice my plastic guitar to make the leap. And sadly once you get to that point, there's not a lot of areas to explore but practicing up on hard.

The other is that I get the feel that the game is really intended for two people with two guitars - for coop and competition. My problem there is - who really needs *two* massive controllers for one game? Plus with the learning curve, you can't really play against someone who hasn't had a chance to play as long as you have - you'll just cream them.

But I think there's a reason there has been a lot of buzz about it - it is a lot of fun. The controller achieves a nearly Wii-like idea of immersion.

If you want to go the cheap route, though, get Amp'd. It's an old PS2 game you can probably get for $15 these days and is essentially the core gameplay without the controller and the nice tutorial and road trip interface.

By Blogger Josh, at 31 October, 2007 09:51  

Guitar Hero is a lot of fun with a friend, but I still have a blast playing it by myself. However, since I have the Xbox 360 version I'm looking forward to playing some co-op over xbox live.

By Blogger Andy, at 31 October, 2007 14:27  

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