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26 October 2007
Eye of Judgment ... hacking
Given that the digital camera game Eye of Judgment for the PS3 apparently isn't very discerning about the quality of the encoding on the cards, it would be neat to see someone generate all possible card combinations and see what kind of hidden things might turn up. For example, the game could contain code and graphics for cards that aren't -- or never will be -- released officially. I'm not saying that there are any, but it would be an interesting hacking exercise to root out easter eggs.

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--Matt Matthews at 21:16
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It shouldn't be technically hard to run through all the combinations given the simple "key tooth" designs EoJ uses. Then again Sony said the cards 'do not' reproduce on color copiers, meaning there is more to the encoding of each card then the "key tooth" designs. Color, reflectivity, size and distance of parts maybe even the printing process itself might hide some of the encoding.

By Blogger MonkeyKing1969, at 27 October, 2007 14:47  

Oh, I meant to preface what I said above with the statement that the screenshot pictures in the article doesn't look like any EoJ screens I have seen in the real game I own. Those people might be simply using a development copy or some "proof of concept" software that is running a different way.

I'll have to see if I can fake a card myself I guess. Then again if you play the game you can quickly see that copying an extra copy of a good card might not help you that much, because the good cards use tons of mana points, and have restrictions like not being able to have more then one in a deck. I'm sure someone will figure out some card that are worth copying, but my guess is the ones you could do that for will not be that helpful.

I’m not saying Sony or Wizards of the Coast are geniuses, but they seem to have thought of as many loop-holes to shut as possible.

By Blogger MonkeyKing1969, at 27 October, 2007 15:02  

Apparently color copies work just fine. See this link --

Also, here's another link of people creating their own cards by hand --

By Blogger Alex, at 29 October, 2007 11:29  

Bah, sorry about the lack of link codes.

By Blogger Alex, at 29 October, 2007 11:29  

Alex: Isn't at least one of those links in my post already? That was what motivated me to write in the first place...

By Blogger jvm, at 29 October, 2007 11:38  

Clearly I fail at the Internet. I was attempting to respond to monkeyking, but I guess I misunderstood his complaint. It seems pretty straightforward that you can copy the cards and they'll just work.

By Blogger Alex, at 30 October, 2007 13:49  

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