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25 September 2007
Writing this from the new 60Gb PS3 that arrived today. So far, a nice system.

I've downloaded and played a bit of fl0w, and it's a decent relaxing game. Blast Factor, the main Robotron-clone for PSN, is neat but I'm not upgrading from the demo just yet. I may wait until Christmas for any games on disc, but we'll see.

I've moved all my PS2 save data over, and the system worked just fine with Ace Combat 5. I've got a bunch of demos downloaded already and will get around to them eventually.

The USB keyboard driver and web browser could be a little more robust. Blame typos on that, please.

I'll probably watch Casino Royale on Blu-Ray with the wife this weekend. We'll see if she thinks there's any difference between DVD and an HD format.

When I have a vacation I'll probably look into backing up my data and installing GNU/Linux.

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--Matt Matthews at 23:20
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Oooh, PS3-tastic!

By Blogger QueenKatofTypos, at 26 September, 2007 03:03  

Congratulations on your new PS3!

I also recently purchased a 60 gig PS3, although I wasn't planning on buying it quite so soon. When I read some of the inital reports about the 80 gig model, I was finally convinced that it might be a good idea to get the PS2 chipset in hardware to insure a standard level of backwards compatibility with my PlayStation 1 & 2 library. Since then, I've spent part of my "get-to-know-your-PS3" phase experimenting with Linux.

Interestingly, I was advised that it would be easier to partition the hard drive for Linux before downloading any content or making any essential game saves. The repartitioning and Linux installation were pretty straightforward, but I think that it does erase the hard disk in the process, so a backup/restore would be a good idea. I haven't tried it yet, but the backup/restore function also looks pretty straightforward.

Just for the record, I installed Yellow Dog Linux on my PS3. I've used that distribution on other PowerPC based computers before, plus it's based on Red Hat/Fedora, which I use for work extensively. Also, I've been impressed by the personal and prompt response I received from them after I left some constructive feedback on their website.

From what I can tell, the other distributions seem to work pretty well on the PS3. As in the x86 world, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. All of the distributions are going to bump into some of the Hypervisor limitations inherent to Linux on the PS3. (e.g. only framebuffer support - no hardware graphics acceleration). Hopefully, Sony will address some of these issues with future upgrades.

(There's some information about the Hypervisor here that might be useful.)

Again - congratulations on your new PS3. I'll be curious to see what your impressions of the PS3 are in the upcoming months.


By Blogger Paul, at 26 September, 2007 03:46  

I love Blast Factor even though I am bad at such 'two stick' shooters. I'm also a bit red/green color blind, so I think I'm having a hard time knowing what sort of rock I'm shooting at from second to second. I might just be dumb too.

By Blogger MonkeyKing1969, at 27 September, 2007 10:10  

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