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08 September 2007
PS3 Compatibility of My PS1 Library
Either model of the PS3 will probably play your PS1 games as well as the other. That's my conclusion after I checked the compatibility of the 128 PS1 games in my library, as cataloged on MobyGames. Here's the breakdown
105 work just fine (that's 82%)
4 have video corruption (2D movies)
8 have graphics corruption (2D or 3D game graphics)
4 have some sort of audio problem (usually just a wrong or truncated sound)
4 have a bug that can cause a hang (only a couple are truly fatal)
1 has a controller issue
2 have speed problems (usually running slowly)
The number that probably really matters: 126 out of 128 will work with minor inconvenient issues. That's 98.4%.

If you'd prefer a graph, here you go:
Out of these 128 games, the 80Gb and 60Gb models have exactly the same compatibility issues. Although I've never seen it said somewhere, this leads me to believe that the PS1 compatibility is purely software, and has nothing to do with the PS2 hardware in the 60Gb PS3 model. Sony has a software PS1 emulator after all, the one used on the PSP! Moreover, when issues have been fixed with PS1 game compatibility, they're fixed by a firmware update.

So, there is no compelling reason to get either PS3 model over the other if your concern is PS1 compatibility.

Incidentally, I believe you still can't play the downloadable PS1 games on the PlayStation Network with a PS3 at one time you couldn't play downlodable PS1 games on the PlayStation Network with a PS3. If indeed there is was a software PS1 emulator built right into the firmware, then I'm really puzzled about Sony's reluctance to make those PS1 games playable on both the PSP and the PS3. What's What was going on there?

I'm working on combing through my PS2 library. I'll have another post up when I get done.

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--Matt Matthews at 21:20
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Comments on this post:

You can't really say games work just fine if you haven't played them through to completion and used all aspects of the game.

I maintain a PC Game Compatibility list of 3000 games of 9x,NT4,2000,XP,2003,Vista.

Classified as "Just Works", "Problems", "Not Working".

Games that are classified as "Just Works" are games that just work for me and what I've noticed playing them but I have by no means finished all of these games to completion. It's something I'm painfully aware of on my list but not much I can do about it unless I open up the list for public testing and actually have people report their completion status.

Just saying that deciding compatibility between hardware vs software compatibility between PS3's isn't a good idea based on one guy's small sample of games in a blog post. Best solution as always will probably be to use the original hardware, or current hardware if proven to be compatible with their games.

Of course it would be nice if people would help out more with epsxe since that will be the best solution for the future.

By Blogger Ronald, at 09 September, 2007 01:25  

Regarding the downloadable ps1 games playing on ps3, you can, and they do.
I'm not sure why you think you can't.

At least I've been playing wipeout and jumping flash on both my ps3 and psp.

By Blogger Zachary, at 09 September, 2007 02:36  

Zakk: When PS1 games were first released for the PSP (via the PS3), this was not the case. The point stands, I think, in the sense that at one point you couldn't play downloaded PS1 games on the PS3, even though the software was always there to do so.

Fixing my post now.

By Blogger jvm, at 09 September, 2007 09:09  

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