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27 September 2007
(My own) Gamasutra Piece on Exploration Games
My second all-encompassing article on game design, this time focusing on "open world" games where the player sets his own pace, went up at Gamasutra yesterday.

Once again, this isn't a "top 20" list, and once again, it is very long. The games on it are chosen, not because they're tops in their category, but for what I can illustrate by presenting them. This means there are purposely some outlier cases, and games that are not traditionally considered to be exploratory, since these games push at the edges of what the word "exploration" means.

In any case, it's up. Enjoy, if your curmudgeonly hearts haven't yet twisted and shrunk down to dense black rocks incapable of happiness.

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--John Harris at 11:41
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That was an excellent piece, thank you.

By Blogger Josh, at 29 September, 2007 11:11  

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