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03 September 2007
Good words about GameStop (gasp!)
I've been frequenting the same GameStop for about a month now (once every week or so) and the same guy is always there when I show up. I think he's a manager. He appeared to recognize me the last couple of times, perhaps because I always bring one or two of my boys with me.

Anyway, he always asks if I need anything, to which I usually answer "No, but thanks." Today, as it turns out, I did have two questions for him. The first was whether they had a decent stock of 60 gig PS3s. According to him, they have plenty, and are getting more each week. He says they should be around for a while and added that he recommends the 60 over the 80. I suggested that I'd probably upgrade the drive if I needed more space and he replied that he'd put a 120 gigabyte drive in his own PS3.

My second question was whether the Greatest Hits version of Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition was the same as the non-Greatest Hits version of Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition. He said it didn't matter, as long as you got one marked Special Edition. (I haven't investigated how right he is so far.) As it turns out, the register monkey then gave me a GH SE disc to go with my non-GH SE case. I'm going to try to return it, but it wasn't the fault of the dude who'd answered my questions.

Anyway, this dude has been a helpful person, and has not tried to upsell me at the register. (As I said, different person at the register today, that's not his fault.) Maybe that means this chap's not long for the retail world, but for now I'll keep taking my business to his store.


--Matt Matthews at 20:51
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I have a Gamespot near my house and one near my work. I was going to the one near my house very regularly, at least once a week, especially since my son has a Micro and I have a DS. We've been showing up there at least every couple of weeks for almost two years.

One 'register monkey' is talkative, but the manager is not. He never seems to remember me. When I came in looking for Tactics Ogre, he just said, "We don't have it."

In contrast the store near my work is full of talkative people, including the manager. When I mentioned when Anno 1701 was releasing, he printed me their list of release dates without asking.

Gaming is a 'talking hobby' and I like it that the place where I buy games is friendly and gives me information because they're gamers, too. Needless to say, I no longer go to the one nearest my house unless I have to.

By Blogger guttertalk, at 05 September, 2007 14:40  

We have had good luck with our local store for at least three years. The management has always been friendly and accommodating (got us the Wii three days after release even though we didn't pre-order). They ask about our lives and not just our gaming. It just has a Mom & Pop feel. Besides, we got that great deal on three unopened copies of FFVII GH for about $20/ea.

One other thing we like is the store is spacious. We basically avoid mall Gamestops because of the close quarters and limited selection. There is only one exception to my mall store size complaint, but it was an EB for as long as I could remember (the one at Crabtree).

By Blogger cgm, at 05 September, 2007 21:24  

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