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10 September 2007
Braben misspeaks, we correct
David Braben comments on game ratings and says:
Having said that, from what I've heard of Manhunt 2 (I haven't had the chance to play it), it is not the sort of game the industry should be making, as it is inevitably going to attract controversy.
No, no! You've only got half of it. You meant to say "attract money"! And that, my friends, is why ratings ultimately won't matter to consumers.


--Matt Matthews at 09:04
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He's worry about games initiating controversy? What a stupid pissant of a man. It is that sort of milk-toast; don't rock the boat attitude which allows others to turn the screws on gamers.

Sure your could view Manhunt 2 as cravenly opportunistic looking for controversy to make money, but so what, at least it is not going the opposite direction where the game is made to offend nobody. What a sad gaming industry we would have if all you could get was sanitized, Disney-style game which had no point of view, nothing to say, and no real drama.

By Blogger MonkeyKing1969, at 11 September, 2007 15:56  

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