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30 September 2007
About Super Stardust HD
A few months back I characterized Super Stardust HD as a copy-cat game with a thick layer of eye-candy. While what I said is true -- the game does borrow heavily from earlier games and a lot of effort was spent on flashy graphics -- it does miss that the game really is quite fun. I've dropped a ton of time into it this weekend, and I'd go so far as to say that this game could help me put off my need to own a Robotron: 2084 stand-up machine for another couple of years.

My hats off to the developer, Housemarque. Fine job. These folks understand how to keep the player engaged in a frantic action game: don't stop me from quickly jumping right back into another game. I believe from game over to blasting asteroids in a new game is close to 10 seconds, which is far better than you can say for a lot of games. Instantaneous would have been nice, but that's nitpicking.

And Sony, keep dropping money on these kinds of exclusive games. I've watched the trailer for Everyday Shooter a couple of times already, and I hope you make good on your promise to bring it out before the end of the year. That plus LittleBigPlanet and I should be plenty happy.

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--Matt Matthews at 21:30
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I just wish we weren't expected to buy a system that costs hundreds of dollars in order to play such simplistic games. (Note, I'm not just talking about Sony here, MS and arguably Nintendo have been doing it too.)

By Blogger Abscissa, at 30 September, 2007 22:06  

Matt - no idea how the PS3 chat works; when it started I got a big Ape Escape monkey covering my TV screen (your avatar). So uh, I guess the UI for that could be more intuitive, or rather, should actually be present.

By Blogger Dustin, at 01 October, 2007 06:26  

Dustin: Yeah, voice chat looks b0rken when you try it. As you said, no interface. It appears I need a bluetooth device to use for voice chat, so my USB headset won't work. I'll look into it more. See you on IRC...

By Blogger jvm, at 01 October, 2007 08:57  

I don't think Super Stardust HD is all that simplistic, in terms of quality and gameplay. Granted, there are some retro/online marketplace titles that make absolutely _no_ sense to me, but there might be someone eagerly awaiting the title (for whatever reason.)

I would hold Sony/MS/Nintendo to task if we only got simplistic games... they're merely a facet of the overall game landscape, and thankfully, completely optional. :)

By Blogger JFT, at 02 October, 2007 00:24  

I have to agree Sony needs to spend more money providing games like that Super Stardust, Calling All Cars, or Little Big Planet. Everyone said, "Buy GTA!! Or buy other big game exclusives!" I say they would waste that money getting 'one game' for six months. Sony has a ton of games coming out that are big, what they need are more small games that are downloadable and fun. In fact every single developer they know should be prompted to try their hand at a small/medium sized downloadable game. Just because the CELL in there doesn’t preclude Sony from having small, quick to develop games on the system in equal numbers. Any developer thinking their game would be best suited to Wii should be courted and told PS3 downloadable is also an option.

The one thing Sony seem to be doing correctly out of the gate was providing different sizes and levels of downloadable games. Also, Sony seems to have the point of view that some original content like Calling All Cars is actually helpful instead of just retreads of old games. Yes, some PSOne games in the store would nice, but not at the expense (or instead of) new games.

By Blogger MonkeyKing1969, at 02 October, 2007 19:55  

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