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12 August 2007
Review: God of War 2 (PS2)
I savored God of War over the course of several weeks. I ripped into God of War 2 and finished in less than seven days. I recommend them both, provided you at least tolerate glorified brutality and some female partial nudity.

All you'll ever need to know about the plot: Kratos is killed by a fearful Zeus, but the Titans save him and send him to find The Fates and change the past. Along the way he kills lots of things (mostly using a fun almost-button-mashing combat system) and earns new powers.

God of War 2 has a more refined control system, which means you'll want to play God of War first. The wider array of weapons in God of War 2 also permits more customization to suit your style and cover your weaknesses.

Regrettably the story in God of War 2 falls somewhat flat. In the original, Kratos played a classic underdog, a mortal taking on a God. While he's ostensibly mortal again, his plight seems far less compelling. His personal need for revenge grounds the character far less than his need to avenge his wife and child.

My biggest complaint with God of War 2 is, I regret to say, a purely technical one. I am distracted by the extent of image tearing, at least in progressive scan mode. I appreciate that Sony's team in Santa Monica pushed the PlayStation 2 further than anyone else has, but I wonder if they could have backed off just a hair and reduced the tearing almost entirely.

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--Matt Matthews at 22:09
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