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24 August 2007
New media for the new gamers
When people discuss the effect that the Wii is having on the market, they say things like "bringing non-gamers to games" and "reaching the casual gamer" and "growing the market". Let's assume that at least some of that is happening.

What media outlets will cater to those new people? Maybe I'm just a stick in the mud, but I have a hard time believing it will be sites that think it's appropriate to use the words "sloppy seconds" in a headline.

Will the older set of nontraditional gamers really want that kind of sophomoric humor when all they want is news about new Wii games? How about all the younger kids who might be attracted to the Wii because it's easier to control than a standard gamepad? (Yeah, they shouldn't be on the internets unattended anyway...)

It's not uncommon to read about developers having to rethink how they develop games because of the Wii and the audience it attracts. Maybe that new audience will also bring some changes in the media that serve us.


--Matt Matthews at 08:44
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I imagine the "non-gamer" or the "casual gamer" will not be using specialist gaming media.

Only "serious" music fans buy music magazines or read music websites. Most people buy the occasional CD, which they learn about from the TV or radio, or from reviews in the mainstream press -- newspapers or general interest magazines.

I think the same is happening for games. You want in-depth gamer-centric reviews of every game, you go to a gamer source. But you'll see mainstream game reviews in newspapers, in magazines for general audiences, etc. Just as for music, these reviews will likely have very different views to reviews in the specialist press.

By Blogger John, at 24 August, 2007 10:00  

It's not just new media for "new" gamers or "casual" gamers. It's new media for anyone who isn't a drooling semi-adolescent.

There are very few outlets that display any level of intelligence or maturity, and even the best ones are still, for lack of a better work, a bit dorky.

By Blogger Pete, at 24 August, 2007 16:11  

I think the mainstream media had no hesitation in slipping in and being "the" media outlet for Wii. The TODAY Show, The View, Red Book, Shape Magazine and all the rest will gladly take over that duty. And the nice part is they will know exactly what to say to non-gamers and they will provide the information they think their patrons will need. And, yes, they will likely say it in a way that such people will understand better then if the gaming media tried.

I think that is the big problem, the traditional game media will find itself annoyed that it’s out of its depth with these people. And I think we will see a lot of sneering as to how the mainstream media talks about these games and gamers even if it works.

By Blogger MonkeyKing1969, at 28 August, 2007 18:11  

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