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10 July 2007
Who wants a McGriddle?
Note the "Kotaku sponsored by Project Sylpheed" in the upper left corner.

At least I never seriously thought there was a potential conflict of interest between IGN and McDonalds.

Update: More interesting, try clicking this link and then this one. (Read update.) The first is Kotaku's home page and the second is Kotaku's section (like labels, tags) on Project Sylpheed. The Sylpheed ads show on the former but not on the latter, to wit:
Mystery solved: JohnH points out that you can get Project Sylpheed ads on the front page, but not in sections or on individual posts.

Perhaps more unfortunate, someone at Kotaku makes a post every week where they recognize sponsors, a recent one of which has been Project Sylpheed. Yet, Project Sylpheed news posts that have come since then have not bothered to mention the sponsorship. Wouldn't that be appropriate?
--Matt Matthews at 00:23
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Man, McGriddles are good. No kidding. I couldn't eat five at a time, or perhaps not even daily, but them's good eating.

By Blogger rufbo, at 10 July, 2007 01:42  

Okay, yes, my first comment was pure late-night spam, but wow, that "news" post is horrible if I'm not missing the context.

"The game ships on July 10th for a budget price of $40, meaning one should at least give the trial version of a spin, despite Famitsu's "meh" rating."

Budget == $40? Buy even though it stinks? Ouch. Sponsors rule, I guess. Why can't we all just be sponsored by Milk(r) doing a body good?

By Blogger rufbo, at 10 July, 2007 01:45  

My dad apparently likes them, but I've never been able to bring myself to try.

By Blogger jvm, at 10 July, 2007 01:45  

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