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25 July 2007
Game Price Trends since 2004
Someone recently suggested I look at game prices, especially since the advent of $60 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games. The results are up today at I used mostly public data on the top 10 and top 20 lists since June 2004, with some additional data provided by NPD.

To my mind, the upshot is that Wii games are holding the $50 floor while $50 and $60 Xbox 360 games are filling in the top 20, pushing the average price of the top-selling games higher. PlayStation 2 games are getting pushed out, removing the main downward pressure from console games. Only the Nintendo DS presence in the top 10 and top 20 is pulling game prices below $50.

Additional bits that didn't go into the article:
  • NPD was very helpful providing more data. While I didn't get everything I wanted (understandable), they did take a sample spreadsheet from me with a formula in it and apply the same to months for which unit sales data is not public. I especially need to thank David Riley of NPD for his patience and effort helping me.

  • The public NPD data on the top 10 and top 20 is easiest to get from this page on GameDaily.

  • NPD apparently revises their lists, but the published lists don't reflect this. For example, Bully for the PS2 placed #9 in October 2006 according to published charts. It actually placed #3 on the October 2006 list I got directly from NPD. There were some other very minor changes here and there, mostly transposing two games (say #2 and #3 switching).
As usual, thoughts and so forth in the comments.

Edit: Fixed link. Blogger's WYSIWYG interface hates URLs with ampersands.

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--Matt Matthews at 08:25
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Comments on this post:

Spare a thought for the British. The MRP here for next-gen games [PS3/360] is US$100, with online retailers selling them for US$80.

Playstation2 games go for US$50 to US$60.

And the PS3 retails for US$850 and the spleen of your first-born son.

By Blogger constihill, at 25 July, 2007 13:21  

consthill- i know the ps3 runs 850 there, are u implying that the spleen of your son is worthless. anyways,I am not a member of,how else can i access this info.

By Blogger Daniel, at 26 July, 2007 00:38  

Daniel: I fixed the link. Blogger likes randomly changing & to the HTML entity for the ampersand ( & a m p ; , without the spaces) which breaks links from time to time.

By Blogger jvm, at 26 July, 2007 00:42  

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