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09 July 2007
"Hey, we said screw the ESRB": The Escapist and Quotes
So here's the title of a post at The Escapist, which was linked to in a comment to a post at Cathode Tan, a post which I found, in turn, by a link from Matt's latest:

"Boobies Did Not Break the Game": The ESRB Clears the Air On Oblivion

Trying not to paint with such a broad brush this time, knowing how it pains our readers, and only posting at all here because one could conceivably end up there in about three clicks (well, one plus a cut and paste) from a CG story, let me give the ever proverbial Wag of the Finger to Michael Zenke at the Escapist for so much as suggesting an ESRB rep gave them such a pithily inappropriate tag line.

(Too bad we don't have
--ruffin at 17:13
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