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03 July 2007
Give Tretton a Cookie
I've not been impressed with SCEA president Jack "$1200" Tretton, but if Sony's going to fight Microsoft's moneyhats with words, I thought this was decent:
We have a very different approach to exclusives than some of our competitors. We don't buy exclusivity. We don't fund development. We don't, for lack of a better term, bribe somebody to only do a game on our platform. We earn it...


Microsoft is too dependent on the third-party community, and Nintendo is too depended [sic, dependent, I presume] on first-party. We like to feel that we got a pretty good mix.
I'd give Jack a cookie for that one.

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--Matt Matthews at 15:28
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Easily one of the better quotes from a Sony exec I've read in a while - though there isn't much stiff competition there.

By Blogger Josh, at 03 July, 2007 17:07  

Did Sony pay for exclusivity with Vice City?

Just wondering, that's all.

By Blogger Martin, at 06 July, 2007 00:16  

Martin: Probably. But that was when Sony was flush with money. They've got to justify their recent skinflint attitude somehow!

By Blogger jvm, at 06 July, 2007 00:19  

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