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17 July 2007
For Inside Mac Games, Here Endth the Lesson

I recently caused the smallest tempest in a teacup a while back saying that InsideMacGames was too close to the games it at least implicitly claims to report on in a journalistic fashion, and that this closeness had hamstrung their ability to report news.

If I haven't made a point of it before, I'll do it now. In the above (from today's IMG "News"), InsideMacGames is "reporting" that there's a new game available in the store it owns. The first line begins as follows: and Big Fish Games have released Azada...

The heading for this advertisement is "News". It came out at 6am on the dot, which suggests to me that it's not exactly breaking news; someone knew this was happening well beforehand. On the top right of the page, there's a link that says...

Send mac games news to:

That's pretty incestuous, ain't it? A wholly owned subsidiary (at best) of the "news" site is in a partnership with a gaming company, and they are selling a game in the news section of the site.

Aside from being the author of the IMG post, I'm not sure who Cord Kruse is, but this is at least one non-Tuncerite in on the advertisements. Not that I think this blog requires investigative reporting, which this isn't, but let's irrationally and irresponsibly assume he could be the Cord Kruse of this statement:

My name is Cord Kruse and I am a reporter for the Lower Columbia College student newspaper, The Logos, in Longview Washington.

Poor, easily corrupted man, what has the Mac "news" field done to you?! ;^)

The Azada post is not journalism folk! It's not news. If you want to write jouraltisements, stories where I argue that the readers have been trained, if just barely, to suspect the proverbial veracity of what you've got to say, great. That's called a preview. If you want to sell games and call it news, you're unethical. I don't want Tuncer to go hungry; I want his sites to be honest.

There's a really nice discussion about The Washington Post and their policies whose ends are to reduce even the appearance of bias with their reporters on the 6/25 (iirc) episode of the Tony Kornheiser Show, a paper that apparently goes as far as not to let Washpost employees' spouses write checks to political interest groups with a joint account, nor use their shared home to host fundraisers, etc. If I get a chance, I'll transcribe it and slap it on sometime.
--ruffin at 12:57
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