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05 July 2007
Bill Budge Pinball Construction Set reborn?
Saw Powershot Pinball Constructor for Nintendo DS on Game | Life and have added it to my want list.
I hope they don't screw this up, because the idea -- especially on the stylus-wielding system -- is brilliant. Just like it was years ago when Bill Budge did it on 8-bit computers:
GameSpot has more images here (of the new NDS game, not the classic).

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--Matt Matthews at 15:07
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That is AWESOME. I don't know how many hours I wasted making my own tables on my Atari 800... those were the days.

I'm really not that good at traditional pinball either... go figure. :) But I love to pick up the titles on the consoles... within reason. ($25 for one table isn't going to cut it, mind you... heh)

I look forward to this as well... :)

By Blogger JFT, at 05 July, 2007 22:28  

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