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15 June 2007
Mac Gaming: Cider port, Aspyr SUPport
Okay, here's my half-baked guess based on what Matt told me this morning.

Matt: [from here]
Aspyr Media Inc. announced today that "Law & Order: Dead on the Money," published for the PC by Legacy Interactive(R) is now available for the Mac, with conversion done by TransGaming Technologies.

Me: Aspyr announces, eh? Got it. Transgaming "ports", Aspyr sells and supports. We're leaving [out of town]. Blog for me, please. :)

Please excuse the break from the (I'll try not to laugh as I type this) usual care I put into a post.
--ruffin at 11:32
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I think you are a number of years late on this one look at the date on this news item:

At one time transgaming did do a few ports to the Mac and it had nothing to do with Cider. They where actual ports.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 June, 2007 00:56  

Two points:

1.) That wasn't Cider; here I was more interested in Aspyr's position in the Mac gaming world now that Cider ports seem to be ready to dominate.

2.) Interesting that Transgaming didn't really do a port per se so much as get Java3D working on the Mac. The lack of Java3D support was a huge issue for years on the Apple Java development list. Similar to Cider, what it appears Transgaming did with L&O is to create a sort of abstracted middleware that allowed a game initially published on a more popular platform to run on another with very little tweaking. I wouldn't call L&O, if my hunch is correct, a true port.

But that said, you're quite right, L&O serves as a very good forecaster on what will happen now on both counts:
1.) Transgaming will once again use Aspyr to support a port.
2.) Transgaming once again develops and maintains a platform agnostic (so to speak) middleware rather than porting single games.

In theory, #2 is very smart on their part.

Thanks for the reminder.

By Blogger rufbo, at 24 June, 2007 16:45  

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