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29 June 2007
Forza 2 Online
Today, I was hit with a certain pang of desire towards playing a bit of Forza Motorsport 2 online. Easily done, you think. I go to the multiplayer menu, hit up a Career Race and choose Quick Match. After all, who wants to fuss about looking through a list of games to join for twenty minutes? Everything is looking great, the game tells me it's joining something, the spinny circle in the middle makes it seem like something is happening, somewhere, and then kicks me out back into the menu. Apparently, something went wrong with the connection. Fair enough. the internet is a complicated place. I'll give it another go. Same thing happened. Third time? Same.

I give up. I change to exhibition race and try again. That fails too. I go back to career match. Quick match. I start playing a level on Ouendan whilst I wait. This one connects, finally. I sit in the lobby for a bit, ready to race, whilst I indulge my online companions desire to trash talk each other for a bit. Then, it's on! We're racing! Excitement rushes through me. Finally, I have a chance to prove my average skills online. All will see me for the not so good, not so bad player I truly am. At the first corner I'm in second position, all is going well, until the rear of my car gets completely slammed into by someone behind me and almost knocked off the track. I spin out. He, thankfully, uses the speed drop he got from ruining my car to turn the corner. At least somebody got something out of the encounter, right? Second corner, I'm hit again. My car is rendered virtually useless. I soldier on, eventually managing to retake second place - not because of my driving skills, but because everyone seems to be treating the game like it was Destruction Derby 2. On my final lap, I'm thinking that maybe this wasn't so bad. Online gaming might work. Then I see something driving pretty quickly at me from the distance. It's another car. To be specific, it's the person who was in last position. He's turned around, and is racing in the opposite direction, doing his best to hit all the other cars on the way. I'm hit, whilst some people scream some profanities down their microphones. I eventually finish the race in third position, out of eight total.

All of the credits I would have received from my victory are taken to pay the repair bill that I accrued from all the other drivers crashing into me.
--Martin at 10:58
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Comments on this post:

Hopefully you filed a complaint. People who are victimized that don't report the offenders are, IMHO, part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

By Blogger Jeremy, at 29 June, 2007 11:04  

$50 bucks a year well spent! heheh

By Blogger Alex, at 29 June, 2007 12:51  

Sorry to hear yet another online idiot ruined a race by going the opposite way. It seems like this happens regularly in _every_ online racing game. I guess it's the griefer's racing equivalent of TKers in shooters.

By Blogger Dan, at 30 June, 2007 13:45  

Pardon my ignorance, but why isn't this a simple problem to fix? If you're going the wrong way for longer than, say, 30 seconds then you get kicked from the server. Even better, if your average velocity is negative or zero for any configurable period, then you're automatically kicked.

Seriously...what am I missing about the game that prevents the above from being the obvious patch?

By Blogger jvm, at 30 June, 2007 20:27  

Probably because the level of stupid people can do in single player might be affected by your fix (which makes sense)...

I don't see any reason to allow it in single player mode... because it's about 3 seconds of fun... then you want to play the game for real...

*shrug* Guess companies aren't really committed to this whole online thing after all.

I couldn't care less.. I am not interested in a gold account anyway.. live makes it so HARD to stop paying them though... ;) Thank you MS for your lovely craptacular "hard sell". If it were so great in the first place, why make it like pulling teeth to get out of the gold membership?

By Blogger JFT, at 01 July, 2007 20:14  

Yep, iirc, Madden inserted a few extra rules like this so you couldn't, say, go for it every time on fourth down until the end of the game. When the real-world consequences of risky moves can't be reproduced virtually, wack action results. ;^)

(I'd also admit doing the "go the other way" move a few times when getting my butt handed to me by some AI, or how I'll jump off-sides on purpose when playing football to stop the clock (doesn't work any more) when getting creamed. I can see how that frustration could translate online.)

By Blogger rufbo, at 02 July, 2007 08:46  

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