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28 May 2007
Well written, Blizzard
I've been trying to play World of Warcraft one month at a time with breaks of a couple of weeks between those months. Not only is it cheaper than any of the continuous plans, it usually forces me to catch up on some other facets of my life.

Usually when the cancel interface asks why I've canceled, I say it's because the game is too expensive, which, after a manner of speaking, is why I'm doing it. If it were cheaper to pay a year at a time than this back and forth, I'd probably do it. Today, however, I picked the [newish?] option for needing more time for other things. I believe school, family, etc were options for the next drop down of why I needed more time, for example.

In a move reminiscent of Fight for Life, it appears WoW cancellation screens have different notes and perhaps pictures depending on your reason for quitting. The note with this one tells me Blizzard might want to give its employees more time off, too.

We are proud that we were able to make a sucessful [sic], enjoyable game. And as much as we'd like you to keep playing, we understand that there are certain cirumcstances [sic] which may prevent continuous game play. Currently, we have no plans to delete World of Warcraft accounts regardless of their activity history. Provided that the characters do not get deleted by the account holder, we will retain all character information on our servers indefinitely.

Well, at least it got the point across, and I'll be back for the run from 65-70 soon.

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