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10 May 2007
Videogaming as physical therapy
I've just got back from my first visit to a physical therapist to rehabilitate my left thumb after my knuckleheaded accident last month. Along with various exercises, I've been given the green light to use my PlayStation 2 (and presumably other consoles). In fact, the therapist referred to it as "good exercise", but cautioned me to take ample breaks so as not to stress the healing tendons too much.

Now if I can just keep myself from buying God of War 2 on the way home tonight. After all, I was going to finish Beyond Good & Evil before I dug into another game, and Tomb Raider Anniversary is due out soon and...

Ahhh. It's good to be back.


--Matt Matthews at 13:06
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I once burned about 85 percent of the surface of my right palm and could not play videogames unless I placed my fingers over the buttons like I was playing Konami Track & Field.

I didn't have to get therapy for it, but it sucked playing that way.

I've also sometimes gotten a bad case of temporary arthritus from switching from the N64 controller to the Dreamcast controller and I literally had to stop playing games for about a week because every once in awhile the pain would get very severe.

By Anonymous mateo, at 10 May, 2007 23:10  

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