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11 May 2007
Try not to be so obvious, Mr. Previewer
A new God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP) preview says:
As has become standard for the God of War series, this means players will find all kinds of ties between the story and previous God of War tales, from subtle references to out and out reveals.
I can believe there were lots of connections between God of War and God of War II. It's only natural. Does does that establish a standard for storytelling in the series?


End fanboy writing now.

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--Matt Matthews at 21:57
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That sounds less like fanboy writing and more like the writer trying to pad out the article with extra words.

By Blogger mattg, at 12 May, 2007 08:25  

Perhaps "fanboy" is a tad strong. However, it sure seems like an example of advocacy press. I can imagine the author getting the spiel from the developer: "We're going to make all the games tie together! The whole series will seem like a coherent whole, because there will be references -- big and small -- from one game to the other." This gets translated by the author into what we see in this article, with no hint of skepticism.

And that's a big part of what's missing from previews: healthy skepticism.

By Blogger jvm, at 12 May, 2007 14:40  

The quick version:
And that's a big part of what's missing from previews: healthy skepticism.

No, dang it. They're *previews*. How many times to I have to review the conditions of that genre? You promise to gush and that gets you access. If the audience hasn't figured that out by now, well, on a bad day I'd say that they aren't worth protecting.

Longer version:
This might mean that I've missed a few posts here -- hasn't Matt played GoW? Perhaps not 2? -- but including more examples of how 1 & 2 don't evidence good story development might be in order before this guy gets dubbed anything more than YAGP (Yet Another Game Previewer).

So has this guy gone from previewer to pimp? Well, after RTFA I see that he is repeating, true to form, the devver's speil.

But I wouldn't call it a "prequel" per se, because really overall this universe is kind of one big story, so we're fleshing out different aspects of the story. There [are] elements within this story that directly tie into God of War 2's story. So elements of God of War 2 that maybe you didn't understand actually were deliberately there that deal directly with this story as well.
It is continuing the God of War universe, and as we've always felt this is one story -- one giant story in this universe that we want to tell -- and this is another way to flesh out a different aspect.

Etc. And that's from the first page of interview answers.

Again, that's the point of the preview. You get to throw softballs at the developers who get some nearly free hype. It's the price of early access as things stand.

Paint me a better picture. Right now, if previews get critical, the genre will disappear. Are you asking for legitimate previews to disappear? Or just upset cgmr hasn't gotten any illegit previews yet? ;)))))))

Though I'd like to see illegit previews, I just don't see them happening. How do movie reviews compare, eg? I don't see many giving critical commentary on movies well before the director gets a cut. etc etc

By Blogger rufbo, at 12 May, 2007 15:10  

I think I've decided what I want: no previews at all. Screenshots and trailers are fine. That's essentially all I get for movies before they're released and I find plenty of guidance from movie reviewers and friends after they're released.

For games I think I'll do fine with no more previews.

Death to previews.

By Blogger jvm, at 12 May, 2007 15:58  

Is that questioning establishing a standard for storytelling because:

1) It should be natural for a sequel to have ties to the prior work, not something that should stand out enough to warrant special mention.


2) "As has become standard" hardly applies with only two works to reference. (The way the quote is worded implies it was already standard before Chains of Olympus, which means only GoW and GoW2.)

By Anonymous Baines, at 13 May, 2007 01:05  

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