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26 May 2007
Tomb Raider Anniversary comparison shots
I am busy finishing up a couple of games (on which I hope to have short posts soon), so I've not been posting much. I have been keeping tabs on the Tomb Raider Anniversary news, and I think the images in this NeoGAF forum post (which in turn took images from this Tomb Raider Forums post) demonstrate the possibility that Crystal Dynamics has done a decent job of recreating the original game. I'm especially impressed with the shot from the Colosseum.In less than two weeks, I'll be playing the full game -- the PlayStation 2 version. I've made up my mind that playing the game on an HDTV at 480p is probably a better experience than on the little PSP screen, especially if the translation diminishes the quality as happened with Tomb Raider: Legend. I'll do my best to give the game a thorough curmudgeoning. I know Ruffin will tell me if I'm slacking.

In the meantime, Windows users with a sufficiently strong machine can download a demo here. My one Windows machine has a 1.2GHz AMD processor without SSE instructions, so I'm out of luck.

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--Matt Matthews at 21:12
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