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22 May 2007
More about PlayStation Museum
I wrote the PlayStation Museum curator about their liquidation. Here is the response:
jvm: What precipitated the liquidation of the PlayStation Museum's collection?

PS Museum: A partner in the museum has decided to split and force a liquidation (unless I can come up with the money which I can't).

jvm: How will the online museum change after this liquidation?

PSM: The online museum may stay. The future of the museum is still slightly uncertain.

jvm: Are you in touch with preservation institutions about selling the collection?

PSM: No, I haven't been.

jvm: And has the eBay auction been removed by you or by eBay? In either case, why?

PSM: Apparently ebay removed it for trademark violation, unauthorized item? Your email was the first I heard of it and now I just read the standard email from ebay. Everything will now have to be listed separately.
So now you know.

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--Matt Matthews at 18:04
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The last statement is a little funky, isn't it? "I didn't realize my $30,000 item had been removed until you told me." Any alarms going off?

By Blogger rufbo, at 22 May, 2007 19:40  

A little odd, but I'd imagine this is a person with a day job and a home life who had just got up when I emailed him those questions. I wrote him at 5:55AM today and he responded about 1.5h later. I can imagine that's the time a normal person would have gotten around to email.

By Blogger jvm, at 22 May, 2007 20:03  

Makes more sense. Wonder why they don't approach some universities.

By Blogger rufbo, at 22 May, 2007 20:24  

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