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09 May 2007
Google Reader Version Targeted For Wii
Above link goes to the page on Google's official blog discussing it. Short story shorter, one of the Google Reader team has a Wii and thought an interface would be cool/awesome, and so, he and his team made one over a weekend.

I like to think, when they went over the browser strings in their logs, their noticing the Wii Opera traces left by my attempts to use their service on my Wii played a role in their decision.

But why should Wii have all the fun? Get cracking on PSP support Google! And I surely need to check Curmudgeon Gamer and Lifehacker through Dreamcast PlanetWeb while we're at it!

Work on a Lynx interface, unfortunately, is still not forthcoming.

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--John Harris at 13:58
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Saturn Netlink support first :)

By Blogger Zachary, at 09 May, 2007 14:16  

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